Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mind Flight Has Taken Off

For those of you following the serialization of Tom's new book, Mind Flight: Wisdom, Enlightenment, and the Journey of Life, on Copthorne Macdonald's The Wisdom Page, the end of the month brings with it not only the usual pumpkins and witches but another chapter in the saga.

Chapter Four, The Yin-Yang of Time, is already up on The Wisdom Page for viewing. The initial chapters have been getting some very good hits according to Copthorne and we have had some great responses from people by phone and in person.

More than that, in coordination with the Internet debut of the book, Tom has devoted the last few sessions out at Rio Salado Lifelong Learning Center to presentations on Mind Flight. What a trip that has been, to borrow some jargon from the 60s. As the book is a mix of the highly theoretical and philosophical with a very intimate and honest personal narrative, these presentations have delivered a real wallop in both the mental and emotional spheres. And did I mention funny? Tom captures the tenor of the times superbly and the audience has shown their approval. (They all survived the 60s and 70s!)All can resonate with Tom's courageous depiction of the craziness and angst of life and these sessions have proven to be so popular that an additional one has been scheduled.

Tom will be doing a third presentation on the book on Tuesday November 10th at Rio Salado's West-side site (see the upcoming events bar on the side). If you want a very entertaining and enlightening two hours, you are, as always, welcome to attend.

I will leave you now with a preview of Chapter Four of Mind Flight:

Chapter Four finds Tom deep into his existential quest for meaning and philosophical understanding in a chaotic world as he spirals into a five-year dance of romantic madness interspersed with extensive solitary sojourns of deep intellectual exploration. He encounters J. T. Fraser and confronts the great conundrum and significance of evolution and time. He attempts a heroic synthesis of Spinoza, Leibnitz, and the Yin-Yang with some Plato and Aristotle thrown in for good measure. He looks into the abyss of atheism while embarking on a painful journey of self-discovery with a Baptist Minister. He criscrosses the country like a peripatetic monk, rooming with sharks and lesbians and alienating old friends along the way. Separation, divorce, and miraculous reunions; loneliness, angst, and self-loathing; passion, sex, and abstinence; and strange harbingers of fate in the form of shooting stars…. This is Chapter Four of Mind Flight.

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