Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Lightning in the Darkness"


For those following the serialization of Tom's new book on Copthorne Macdonald's Wisdom Page, here is a preview of the next chapter, "Lightning in the Darkness":

Amidst the steel mills of northwest Indiana Tom discovers the joy and exhilaration of teaching – of creating intricate mind maps on intellectual history, learning, thinking and creativity, and holistic psychology. But after order comes chaos. After superficial sanity comes some real madness. After studying science, epistemology, and perception, life takes a Dionysian turn – lightning strikes – and the world begins to sparkle and swirl. Now enter sex, and drugs and the metaphysical realities of science fiction. Tom wanders through the unfathomable vastness of “The Library of Babel” and goes in search of quality and love and a mythical red-haired woman called Harmony. Consciousness expands – consciousness falls apart. Life becomes a strange saga in some alternate reality perhaps of his own creation. There is a brush with death in a blizzard in Wisconsin. There is a conversation with God. Life seems filled with paradox. He leaves Indiana for the promise of adventure and the beauty of the Rockies, where he floats in sensory isolation tanks, comes unglued, and is, metaphorically, nailed to the cross. He falls off the edge – the precipitous cliffs – and rolls all the way back to Indiana where he is captured by a “bright-eyed girl.” This is chapter three of Mind Flight.

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  1. If this is the personal book you talked to me a while back about, love to see it once it's published.