Monday, February 15, 2010

Cosmos and Consciousness

Chapter Eight of Mind Flight: Wisdom, Enlightenment and the Search for Love is now available for viewing. Readers who were following Tom's book in serialized form on Copthorne Macdonald's The Wisdom Page, and wish to continue now that the installments have ended, may email Jeanne for the remaining chapters as they appear.
She will add you to the distribution list.

On a related note, Tom will be presenting again at Rio Salado Lifelong Learning Center in Surprise this Wednesday, February 17, from 10:00-12:00. See the side bar for details and directions.

Here is a preview of Chapter Eight.

Mind Flight: Wisdom, Enlightenment, and the Search for Love

Chapter Eight: Cosmos and Consciousness

Having found in Jeanne that synthesis of beauty and brains he had so long searched for, Tom confronts the concrete challenge of finding a resonance of emotion and intellect with this real flesh and blood woman. How to find reciprocity? How to realize evolution? How to achieve a balance of Yin and Yang – of complementarity and interdependence – when values and lifestyles often conflict? Critical to this endeavor, how can Tom and Jeanne work through the traumas of the past – the bad habits, negative expectations, and fears – to co-create a new life, infused with love and trust and devotion? Amidst the noise and chaos of children; amidst the flowering of Eros and the creation of beauty within their home, Tom embarks on yet another intellectual adventure involving the future of science, technology, and the cosmos. Committed to the principles of reciprocity and evolution as a framework for understanding reality, Tom writes a new book and along the way comes to the conclusion that a long-held central belief about the future of the cosmos is wrong. On parallel intellectual fronts, he explores the relationship between psychological evolution and the future of education and discovers unanticipated connections between critical thinking and ethics – two key elements of wisdom. But all is not right. As Tom pursues his philosophical interests and as he and Jeanne evolve as a couple, another story begins to unfold – a story that brings into play dark ghosts from the past. It is a story of malevolence and envy that will set the contrast for the life of the mind, meditations on God, and the pursuit of virtue, the good, wisdom, and love. Inexplicable events occur and something sinister will challenge Tom and Jeanne as nothing has ever challenged them before.