Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mind Flight Continues

Following below is a preview of Tom's next presentation at Rio Salado Lifelong Learning Center on Wednesday January 27th from 10:00-12:00. If you have been following the book and or presentations at the Rio Salado Center, you won't want to miss this next chapter in Tom's philosophical search for enlightenment, wisdom, and love, (especially as the woman he has been waiting for finally enters his sphere!) If you haven't, you will catch right up and explore along with Tom the role of reciprocity in love, the promises and pitfalls of Internet education, and the exciting and paradigm shifting world of futures studies.

Those of you on the mailing list for upcoming chapters of Tom's book will be recieving chapter seven shortly. Chapters One through Six can be viewed on Copthorne Macdonald's The Wisdom Page. Chapters Seven through Twelve are available monthly directly from us. If you are not on the list to receive the chapters as a Word document, email me (Jeanne) and you will be added.

Here is the Chapter Seven preview:

Mind Flight: Enlightenment, Wisdom, and the Search for Love

Chapter Seven: The Dialogues of Love

If the first half of the nineties are a time of illumination, creative emergence, and the evolution of a new order of things, more complex, more positive, more invigorating, and more enlightening than anything before – of the discovery of Arizona and the future – then, in a Yin Yang oscillation of things, the next few years are a time of great emotional chaos, deep and intense disappointment and misery, and a descent into the darkness again. The break with Lisa is finally and irrevocably cemented, intellectual and personal challenges emerge on the work front, and the domestic stability that seemed achieved once again dissolves. Yet, the challenges fuel new insights and opportunities to apply his idea of reciprocity to his decades-long search for love, and a serendipitous resonance with the Chancellor of the college system where Tom is employed results in the emergence of a futures institute where Tom can further develop his ideas on future consciousness. He embarks on another whirlwind reading schedule, devouring the ideas of futurists and cultural critics Wendell Bell, Neil Postman, Walter Truett Anderson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and others, and discovers the optimistic, pro-technology, pro-rationalistic, ultra-visionary, transhumanists. A whole new arena opens up as Tom discovers the futurist community. At the college, Internet education explodes on the scene just as Tom is finishing his first book, The Odyssey of the Future, and he begins to explore not only the great promises of computer and information technology and how the new technologies can be applied to education, but also the pitfalls inherent in a form of education that replaces the teacher with a machine. On the romantic front, there are more misses than hits, until one day, when he isn’t even looking for it, a fidgety woman with bare arms takes a seat next to his and the universe shifts.

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