Friday, April 24, 2009

Strength in Numbers?

Been a little quiet on the blog lately but writing for a web magazine - Suite101 for which I recently published an article on global population growth. On NPR's Diane Ream show this week, guest Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb (1971) and more recently The Dominant Animal spoke on the implications of current trends in the fertility rate as the global population barrels along towards a whopping seven billion people. Certainly this is an issue of crucial importance, not only for the quality of life of those alive today, but, as Erlich points out, especially for those who come after us.


  1. Overpopulation is the biggest ecological change we face as humans. Projecting 9 billion people by 2020, when we cannot remain sustainable at the current 6 1/2 billion is insanity.
    This is a pet topic of mine on my show, and I will be interviewing Bill Ryerson on the population problem next month.
    Perhaps this is the reason for the release of the "never seen before" swine flu which could become pandemic. The people that rule the world have often discussed lessening the population. Perhaps this is one of their chosen methods.

  2. 9 billions or more is not alot compare to the living creatures on earth,even compare to the galaxy in our universe(there are hundreds of billions of suns in our own galaxy),not to mention abt other galaxies or multiverses.The whole universe is undergoing boom and bust,so it is quite natural that that we will grow and get busted.Not to worry !


  3. As I look around and listen, I'm compelled to recognize the vastnest of space still available for population expansion. I can only surmise that 'overpopulation' is a myth of media-driven fear-based bs.

    I also hear and see that we've got all the space, technology and resources to feed everyone - we just choose not to or leave it up to someone else. Truly, it only takes a little redirection of resources to accomplish the end of starvation. We adhere to a 'glass half empty of half full' without realizing that we have the pitcher still in hand.

    If we could live in a consciousness of now, then we could 'be' whatever is necessary to achieve our wildest dreams... peace on earth. We can imagineer the possibilities to coagulate in collaboration, but we first have to agree on one methodology - to love and be loved. That is universal consciousness in relationship on the ocean of emotion with no notion of self-deprication, only self-actualization.

    At least that is my opinion, but what do I know?